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Model: Bingo Dauber 24 Carat
Dab-O-Ink Bingo Daubers Bingo Dauber 24 Carat (13 Colours) 24 pcs 3oz Dab-O-Ink Bingo Magic in 13 Colours - one of the best selling brands.Colours: 2 each colours: r..
35.00€    Ex Tax:35.00€
Ex Tax:35.00€
Model: EVA SET 549
EVA349  15 RFIDspecs: Product description   12This is a glass, cylindrical RFID tag; it's very similar to those implanted into pets for identification purposes. Each tag comes with a unique 32-bit ID code and is not reprogrammable. The carrier frequency of this tag is 125kHz, so..
549.00€    Ex Tax:549.00€
Ex Tax:549.00€
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